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Rattan core 1 st quality 2 mm in coil 250 g

Unité 10,40 41,60/KG

Available quantity : 11
Bulky product extra shipping charge 10.00 from 60 unité

"Rattan core" refers to the spongy and tender central part of the rattan liana, which is often used in basketry for various craft applications, including making baskets, baskets, furniture and other handicrafts due to its flexibility and durability. The rattan marrow is often extracted from the rattan core, once the stiffer outer layer has been removed. It can be braided, twisted or wound to create handcrafted rattan decorative objects. Rattan marrow can also be used to fill rattan chairs seats, which makes them more comfortable. Different diameters, colours and packaging in our Rotin Filé shop.

Technical information
Weight (arround)0.250 KG
Diameter2.00 mm

rattan 9.6 core 4.4 basketry 3.8 baskets 2.7 quality 2.7 marrow 2.6 which 2.5 often 2.5 used 2.4 coil 2.4

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