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To create baskets, an interior decor and garden accessories, be it classical forms (baskets, baskets) or more unusual items (eggs, napkin rings), some of which are updated by 'colored rattan use. Current creations, fresh, colorful, for an original and natural decoration. Simple techniques not explained step, an accessible material to rediscover. A world approach to choose the designs according to their use or rendering. Feminine Basket country - Handbag - Basket ball - Bracelets For the kitchen Dish pie and napkin - Fruit basket - bread basket - Utensil Pot - Trash on foot Childhood Star - pencil cup - Egg - Bread basket on wheels In the garden Bird Feeder - Candle Holder - Egg Cart At home Pot - Fishbowl cotton - Brush Holder - Mirror - Panière

Technical information
Weight (arround)0.600 KG

basket 4.6 baskets 3.7 foot childhood star 3.1 vannerie 2.8 creative 2.8 library 2.7 napkin 2.6 holder 2.6 bread 2.5 bracelets for 2.4

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