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Rye straw bright green handful 50 g about

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This high quality rye straw is grown in France by a specialized farmer. It is a versatile material used for centuries in the art of straw marquetry. This technique involves cutting thin strips of rye straw and gluing them to a surface to create intricate patterns and designs.

The rye straw offers a unique texture and a beautiful natural shine that adds a touch of elegance to any marquetry project. Whether to embellish furniture, boxes or frames, rye straw brings an artistic and artisanal dimension to each creation. it is a natural and durable material that continues to fascinate artisans around the world.

Colour may vary depending on arrivals.

Technical information
Weight (arround)0.050 KG
ColorBright green

straw 9.5 marquetry 4.9 material 2.8 natural 2.7 handful 2.7 bright 2.6 about 2.5 green 2.5 this 2.4 that 2.4

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