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Set of 30 stencils - alphabet

Pièce 7,30

Available quantity : 8

This assortment of plastic stencils offers you 30 stencils of 6 x 6 cm

Adapted to children and adults, these 30 stencils are designed to be easily by all. 

These plastic stencils can be used with paints, coloured pencils, felt pens, etc on any type of media. Practical information about the Unicorn plastic stencil: You can even use these stencils with snow bombs. Please ensure that the stencil is applied perfectly to the surface to be decorated. Your plastic stencils are washable with soapy water and reusable 

Material: Flexible plastic

Dimensions: 6 x 6 cm

Technical information
Weight (arround)0.020 KG

stencils 8.8 plastic 5.7 these 3.5 with 3.4 painting 2.8 alphabet 2.8 stencil 2.7 information 2.1 dimensions 2 reusable  2

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